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Just when your mother finally got those tire tracks out of the carpet, the newest installment to the gaming world’s legendary, high-speed racing “RUSH” franchise is preparing to speed back into your living room. San Francisco Rush 2049 is the latest in the frenetically paced racing franchise that includes San Francisco Rush® and Rush 2: Extreme Racing™. 

The title is expected to cruise onto retailer shelves in the fall. San Francisco Rush 2049 will challenge gamers with six over-the-top racing-tracks featuring all of the twists, turns and shortcuts “RUSH” fans love as well as four stunt tracks. Racers will have 10 cars to choose from when they first put the game in gear and several hidden cars they can unlock down the road. Before testing their racing skills, gamers can customize their car in San Francisco Rush 2049’s body shop and cruise by the paint shop for detailing work. Up to four players will be able to participate in the high-speed mayhem. 
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