1. REGISTER!  Join "TEAM RUSH" by entering your pin and name the first time you play.  Then every time you return, enter your pin and build up your miles. You must be registered to get your name on the "BEST TIMES" and the "MOST COINS"  list and to earn extra hidden features.
2. Find the "EXTREME" tracks. The best players play the hardest tracks, master them to join the ranks of the "TEAM RUSH" elite!  Tracks 4 & 5 open up to registered players at early mileage levels.
3. Learn the tracks but beware: Each lap is different. That great path you took last lap may not be the best path on the next lap.
4. Race with or without drones.  Hold down "MUSIC" and "VIEW 2" to toggle drones on / off during any select screen.
5. Race against the best drivers using the "PHANTOM PHOTON" feature.  Race "SOLO, NO DRONES" to race against top recordholders and learn from the best.
6. Use the clutch! Press the clutch in the air to get even more air, use it when shifting to get better acceleration.
7. Stay on the ground! Big air looks cool, but for the best times keep your wheels on the ground for more acceleration.
8. Communicate with the other drivers by pressing the view buttons.  Different buttons yell different things.
9. Go for the gold! Collect coins to customize your car. Coins are hidden on each track in hard-to-get places (mostly shortcuts) - solo mode only. 
10. If you are ready for added challenge, select "ADVANCED" or "EXTREME" driving models in the car select screen.  These fast cars are harder to handle because they are even more realistic.  Press "VIEW 3" in car select.

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